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Experienced film and television professionals such as Raconto Produções, Mirabolante Producões, Liberty Pictures, among others, have partnered to create New Cine & TV.

New Cine & TV was born in August of 2014, with the launch of run-away box office hit "Vestido para Casar", starring top comedian Leandro Hassum. Titles currently in production year include “Nada é por Acaso”, “Encosto não se Discute”, “O Advogado de Deus”, “Velho é a Mãe”.


  • Tomislav Blazic

    Director of New Cine & TV, Tomislav Blazic has a long history in production in Brazil. Mr. Blazic was director of production and executive producer at J.B. Tanko Filmes, a film production house company that produced some of the biggest box office hits in the history of Brazilian cinema, among them, innumerous comedies featuring comedy trio Os Trapalhões. Mr. Blazic has also been a producer on numerous U.S. productions including "Moonraker” (1979), with Roger Moore; and "Anaconda", with Jon Voight (1997).

    Mr. Blazic was already working on a police thriller about the fight against drug and arms trafficking across Brazilian borders when Operation Carwash began to draw media attention.

    "The size of the corruption being uncovered even early on in Operation Carwash caught my eye. I figured I had an obligation to help people understand that this is not how things should work out. We need to rethink the country. And we are face-to-face with an opportunity to do so. And for the first time, they are arresting people who typically have been too powerful to be touched,” explains the producer of “Operation Carwash: A Worldwide Corruption Scandal Made in Brazil”.

    The bold decision to turn this evolving current event into a compelling narrative for the cinema could count not only on Mr. Bizlac´s production experience dating back decades in the audiovisual sector, but also as producer on major events such as the Free Jazz Festival, Hollywood Rock Formula 1 Grand Prix and Hollywood Motocross.

    Recently, he produced the box office success "Vestido para Casar" (2014), with famous comic actor Leandro Hassum. Other productions in the works include “Nada é por Acaso”, “Encosto não se Discute”, “O Advogado de Deus”, “Velho é a Mãe” and the series “Tráfico de Drogas e Armas”.

  • Marcelo Antunez

    Director of the trilogy for cinema “POLÍCIA FEDERAL – A LEI É PARA TODOS”, three full length movies in the category political action thriller, a fictional account based on true events concerning the behind-the-scenes investigations of OPERATION CAR WASH. The first film debuted in September, 2017 and became the box office leader for Brazilian movies in 2017.

    Began his career in some of the main advertising agencies of the country at the end of the 90's as a director for TV and Cinema advertisements, some of which won awards in international festivals. Recently he became the director of various box office successes for Brazilian cinema.

    Director, together with Soberto Santucci, of the films “Um Suburbano Sortudo”, a comedy by Rodrigo Sant'anna in February, 2016; “Até que a Sorte nos Separe 3”, with Leandro Hassum, December, 2015; “Qualquer Gato Vira-lata 2”, a success in terms of attendance in 2015; he was assistant director in “O Candidato Honesto”, with Leandro Hassum, another movie success in 2014; “Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2”, with Leandro Hassum, also a success in 2013; “De Pernas para o Ar”, attendance success in 2010. Was the film producer of “Alucinados” in 2005, directed by Roberto Santucci.


    Director of TV, film and theater, writer and screenwriter, ding1u plus 20 plays and wrote 10 books. In TV Globo 25 years ago. where he directed and created numerous programs among them: Casseta and Planeta Urgente, Os Trapalhões, Chico Anysio, Sitio do Pica Pau Amarelo

    With the proposal of a new challenge came the program Línea Directa -Justiça, where he directed the award-winning programs "The Vicar General's Slaughter". "The Central River Pump" and "The Robbery of the Jules Rimet Cup". He wrote and directed the miniseries "Clara and the Shower of Time", semifinalist of the Emmy Awards. Adapted and directed the miniseries The Land of the Peeled Boys, by Graciliano Ramos.

    Adapted and directed his book in the miniseries Little Alchemist. For five years he was Director. of Creation of the Domingão do Faustão program.

    In the movies, she won the Ancine Short Child Award with the film The Story of Each and won the award for best documentary in Cine dei Sur Festival in Colombia with the film Nazareth. He was co-creator and general director of the Os Caras de Pau program, where he won the Montreux Comedy Awards in 2011 in Switzerland You just wrote. the script Old is the Mother, with projected footage for the first half of 2019.

  • Gustavo Lipsztein
    Director, producer and screenwriter

    Graduated in cinema studies from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University (NYU), with a master's degree in screenwriting from the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, where he was twice a finalist in the category Best Screenplay for “Dead in The Water” (“Tensão em Alto Mar”), his first full length movie as director, producer and screenwriter, starring Henry Thomas (“E.T.”, “Gangs of New York”) and Dominique Swain (“Lolita”), won Best Film and Best Direction in the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and was purchased by Lions Gate for the US and Canada, and sold by Promark in more than 45 territories.

    Lipsztein was one of the directors for the full length movie “Blue Lips”, a co-production Spain/Argentina which takes place in 5 countries, whose world premiere was held at the SEMINCI Festival in Valladolid, Spain in October, 2014 and then debuted in theaters throughout Spain in November, 2014. His next full length movie “Night in Rio”, which is being produced by Meyers Media Group and Tabula Rasa Films, will be filmed in Rio and Los Angeles in 2017.

    He wrote, together with Thomas Stavros, all of the episodes of the series “Um Contra Todos”, created by Stavros and produced by Conspiração Filmes, directed by Breno Silveira for Fox in 2016. Together with Stavros, he is also writing the second season of “Um Contra Todos”. He created, wrote and is the Executive Producer of the TV series “Sem Volta”, directed by Edgard Miranda that debuted on Rede Record in the second semester of 2016.

    Lipsztein is involved in various projects for TV and Cinema in Brazil and the US, including “Marquez”, a TV series that he created together with Carlos Bernard (24 Horas) with Jon Cassar (24 Horas, Terra Nova) as Director and Executive Producer.
    Lipsztein received an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA in 2005 and worked as director at Fox Mídia Digital, the group that supervised digital strategy for all of the studios and channels of Fox including the creation of HULU.


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  • Cast

    • Antônio Calloni

    • Special Agent Ivan Romano

    • Flávia Alessandra

    • Special Agent Beatriz

    • Bruce Gomlevsky

    • Special Agent Julio Cesar

    • Ary Fontoura

    • Lula

    • Marcelo Serrado

    • Federal Judge

    • João Baldasserini

    • Special Agent Vinicius

    • Leonardo Franco

    • Federal Prosecutor Attorney Pedro Henrique

    • Rainer Cadete

    • Federal Prosecutor Attorney Ítalo Agneli

    • Adélio Lima

    • Federal Police Superintendent Antenor

    • Samuel Toledo

    • Agent Edu

    • Sandra Corveloni

    • Mrs Marici

    Production Credits

    • Director

    • Marcelo Antunez

    • Producer

    • Tomislav Blazic

    • Production Company

    • New Cine & TV and Raconto Produções

    • Screenplay

    • Gustavo Lipsztein and Thomas Stavros

    • Co-producer

    • Saulo Moretzsohn

    • Distribution

    • Downtown Filmes/Paris Filmes

    The synopsis

    A political thriller based on the true story of the largest corruption investigation ever seen, tracking billions of dollars, “Operation Carwash: A Worldwide Corruption Scandal Made in Brazil” tells, through the eyes of Brazilian Special Agent Ivan Romano, how he and his Federal Police team, working with Federal Attorneys, uncover and dismantle an intricate scheme of money laundering, graft, theft, corruption and bribery involving executives at the state-run oil giant Petrobrás, government contractors, political parties, executives of the private contractor Odebrecht with its world-wide connections, entrepreneurs, lobbyists, and politicians at all levels of government, including both houses of congress, cabinet secretaries, and the current and former presidents of Brazil.


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