Release Date September 7, 2017 (1h 47min)
Directed by: Marcelo Antunes
Cast: Antonio Calloni, Flávia Alessandra, Bruce Gomlevsky, mais
Genre: Drama


Not recommended for children under 12 years

During Operation Bidone, the Federal Police seized inside a truck loaded with palm heart, which contained 697 kg of cocaine. The investigation falls on the team set up by Ivan Romano (Antonio Calloni), based in Curitiba and also composed by Beatriz (Flávia Alessandra), Julio (Bruce Gomlevsky) and Ítalo (Rainer Cadet). The connections of the traffic take them to the dower Alberto Youssef (Roberto Birindelli) and, later, the former director of Petrobras Paulo Roberto Costa (Roney Facchini), that reveals a huge structure involving constructors and the government, in order to divert public money. As the investigation progresses, the group led by Ivan is increasingly approaching some of the country's most influential politicians.



Antonio Calloni
Character Ivan Romano

Flávia Alessandra
Character Beatriz

Bruce Gomlevsky
Character Julio Cesar

Marcelo Serrado
Character Juiz

Leonardo Franco
Character Pedro Henrique

Roney Facchini
Character Paulo Roberto Costa

Rainre Cadete
Character Ítalo Agneli

Roberto Birindelli
Character Alberto Youssef

  • Vinicius
  • Edu
  • Juliana
  • Antenor
  • Lula
  • Marcelo Odebrecht
  • Dona Marici
  • Rodrigo
  • João Baldasserini
  • Samuel Toledo
  • Juliana Schalch
  • Adelio Lima
  • Ary Fontuoura
  • Leonardo Medeiros
  • Sandra Corveloni
  • Tadeu Aguiar


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CEP: 22775-022
PHONE: 21 3734-2187